Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research

Rules & Regulations


1. Books can only be borrowed with a current library membership.

2. There will be a £10 membership fee payable when signing up as a library member for Al-Mahdi Institute day-time students (excluding evening classes’ students), and £20 for externals.

3. The maximum number of books to be borrowed at any one time is 15 for AMI staff and students,and 5 for external members.

4. Books, other than reference books, can generally be taken on loan for 28 days for AMI staff and students, and 14 days for external members.

5. Overdue books will incur fines. It is the responsibility of each member to check their emails daily as well as their library online account, for overdue and recalls notices. Fines are 20p per book per day after the due date.

6. Readers must not damage or deface library property. Anyone who damages or loses a book, would be required to replace it. The replacement process is as follows: the library staff will purchase the lost/damaged book at the current price and bill the member accordingly. In addition to the replacement cost, any lost/ damaged book will also incur a charge of £10 Administration fee.

7. The library is a quiet area of study; even quiet conversation can disrupt the work of other readers. All conversations should either take place outside the library, or very quietly.

8. Mobile phones must be switched onto silent while in the library. If unattended phones are found ringing they will be removed to the issue desk. Any library users talking on a mobile phone will be asked to leave the library.

9. No food is permitted inside the library.

10. The library users must leave the library immediately when the fire alarm bell rings and should follow the directions of library staff.

11. Any accident in the library should be reported immediately to library staff.

12. The library users must return to the issue desk if the book-detection system alarms.

13. The librarian has the right to recall book(s) at any time, or set a time limit for borrowing certain books.

14. Library staff may ask users to leave the library if they contravene library regulations.

15. If the policies are not abided by, membership can be revoked.