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Planning your Nikah at AMI

If you are planning your Nikah at AMI please take note of the following guidance;
You can get married if you're:
- 16 or over
- free to marry (single, divorced or widowed)
- You need permission from your parents or guardians if you're under 18 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
- Bride needs consent from father OR Paternal Grandfather OR Guardian (if father and grandfather are not alive or estranged) if this is the bride's first marriage.

What you need to do?
You need to fill the nikah application form. You will not require any documents or copies thereof for submitting the application form online. There is no need to upload any document or give out any ID or passort number while filling the application.
Make sure that the details you fill in the form are exactly the ones appearing on your passport or the valid ID as the information you provide will be used to issue your certificate

If you would like to have both your Civil Ceremony and Nikah together at AMI please fill out the application form here

How early should you apply for marriage (Nikah)
You need to fill the online application at least two weeks before the marriage (Nikah) date. Dates of less than two weeks may incur additional fees

Documents to submit for Nikah
Before the nikah ceremony, you need to take proof of your name, age and nationality. For example your:
- valid passport
- national identity card from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland
- biometric residence card or permit
- valid travel document with photograph
- valid UK or (EEA) driving licence
You might need other documents if you don't have a valid passport. A valid photo ID is a must.
Originals of the documents need to be submitted before the nikaah. 

If you've been divorced or widowed
If you've been married before, you need to take either:
- a United Kingdom Court decree absolute or final order
- divorce decree from Legal Department of any country
- the death certificate of your former partner
If your former partner is alive then you need to present Talaaq Certificate.

What Next?
Once you fill the Nikah Application, you will receive confirmation of your booking and invoice within 2 working days. For information on Fees please click here 

If you would like to have both your Civil Ceremony and Nikah together at AMI please fill out the application form here

Rules to Be Observed for the Ceremony at Al-Mahdi Institute.
The bridge, bridegroom and all guests should observe and conduct themselves in a manner befitting a place of worship. On The Day of Your Marriage at Al-Mahdi Institute please be punctual. The bride and the bridegroom should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the appointed time of marriage. Before the ceremony begins, all documentation and fees will be checked to make sure that all entries are correct. 

Al-Mahdi Institute Nikah Certificates & Fees 
One copy of the certificate will be given free of charge; each additional copy will be charged at £10.00 if requested at the same time, and £15.00 if requested after the date of the marriage.