Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research

Inter-Faith Activities

Inter-faith activities are a central focus of Al-Mahdi Institute's Outreach work. Building on, and helping to inform, the work in Education and Research across faith traditions, AMI aims to bring different faith communities together to learn, share and discuss the similarities and differences among us in order to understand and appreciate diversity, whilst striving towards the shared pursuit of the common good. Hosting round table discussions, conferences and worship sessions involving people from all faiths, and non, centred around AMI's multi faith prayer hall is an important and vibrant part of the activities at AMI. 

Some recent Inter-faith events AMI have participated in include;

    - 'Volunteer Training session': AMI hosted a group of Christian ministers at AMI preparing for

      a '’journey with us' volunteering programme on 23rd July 2017

   - 'AMI Big Iftar 2017'  inviting people of all faiths and none to experience an Iftar (breaking of the fast)  

      on 23rd June 2017

   - 'The relevance of interfaith dialogue in modern society' presented by Shaykh Arif Abdulhussein for a

      Faith Guiding Course ceremony at Central Mosque Birmingham on 15th May 2017

   - Tea and Tour DayAMI took part for the first time in the “Visit My Mosque” initiative by the Muslim

     Council of Britain on 5th February 2017 


For more information on our previous events, please click here