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Shaykh Abu Jaffar

Shaykh Abu Jaffar
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    Academic Staff
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    Shaykh Abu Jaffar
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    Lecturer in Ulum al-Hadith
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Shaykh Abu Jaffar specialises in the field of Aqaeed involving theological discussions and Tafseer of the holy Qur'an and Hadith. After graduating from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, he went on to studying further Islamic Studies at the Hawza of Qom, Iran where he attained the level of Bahth al-Khariji. During his time at the hawza of Qom, he studied Aqaeed and Tariikh by Allamah Sheikh Jaffar al-Hadi, Arabic Language and Logic by Sheikh Nabeel al-Halbawi, Philosophy, Logic and Discussions on Rijaal by Ayatullah Seyyid Kamal al-Haydari, Tafseer and Research in Jurisprudence by Ayatullah Mohammad Sadiq Tahrani and Tafseer and discussions on metaphisics by Ayatullah Jawad Amoli. 
Currently, Shaykh Abu Jaffar is lecturing in Ulum al-Hadith as past of the four-year hawza programme at Al-Mahdi Institute. 
1. Islam and Christianity - published by Ansariyan, Qum, Iran..
2. Theological discussions on the question of "Ruuyatullah" (sighting of Allah with human eyes in the Day of judgement)
in Swahili Language, published first by Bila Muslim Mission, and then by Al-Itrah Foundation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Unpublished works:
1. The Plain Truth in the Message of Islam (On Islam and its truth awghich has been distorted and forgotten)
2. Ali, the Amazing Grace!! (On Caliphate and its historical authenticity)
3. Muslims Desserted the Koran (Fallacies imposed on the Koran)
4. A Reply to Sheikh Kassim Mafuta.- Replying the accusations against the Shias.
5. Usiwe Mshirikina [A Comparative theological discussions on monotheism between Muslims of all schols in Swahili language)
6. New Edition of "Islam and Christianity" with important new chapters and updated discussions in a comparative methodology.