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Dr Mohammed Khalid

Dr Mohammed Khalid
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    Academic Staff
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    Dr Mohammed Khalid
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    Lecturer in Islamic Studies
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Dr. Khalid has received an MA from the University of Birmingham and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Prior to this Dr. Khalid received an MA in Islamic Studies from Markez-e-Uloom Islamiyah, Pakistan, and a BA in Islamic Studies from Idara Ishaatul Uloom, Pakistan. For over twenty-years he has been Minister of Religion and has been a visiting lecturer in local schools.

Dr, Khalid also holds the post of a senior consultant in Islamic issues and had extensive experience in community-wide issues. Furthermore, he has also written articles for a leading Urdu newspaper ‘Daily Jang London’ on the topics of education, problems of Muslim youth, Islam and extremism etc. He also writes articles and features in English for the ‘Azan’ magazine and Naveed-e-Sahar, on the topics of Muslim youth and education, youth and crimes, Islam and terrorism community related issues etc.


Dr. Khalid’s research and Teaching interests include; History, Hadith Studies, Ulum al-Quran, Ulum al-Hadith