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'Why can't I be a Su-shi' film screening in collaboration with Birmingham ABSoc

On Wednesday 22nd February, AMI and Birmingham ABSoc collaborated in a film screening of the documentary 'Why Cant I be a Su-Shi' held at Birmingham University. This was followed by an exclusive panel discussion with Shaykh Arif Abdulhussein and the producers of the documentary - notably the Director Hoda Yahya Elsoudani. The event was a great success with people of all backgrounds and ages coming together and engaging in the topic. 

The documentary Why Can't I Be A Sushi, follows the journey of two young half-Iraqi sisters who are curious about the sectarian conflict gripping the Islamic world. It follows their journey as they learn how historical decisions have increased intolerance and fomented divisions within their society. 

The girls talk to religious figures, scholars, well known clerics, believers, political pundits, the public and more, all in the hope of understanding this absurd conflict and its routes. As they continue on the road of discovery, the two journalists soon realise that what unifies us as Muslims is far greater and more powerful than our differences.

The refreshing documentary took the audience back to their roots and reminds us all of the simplicity of practicing the religion of Islam. To find out more about the documentary and purchase a copy please click here

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