Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research

Evening Short Courses

The modules offered on the Evening Short Courses programme are generally taught for a period of fourteen weeks over the course of one term. The first term commences in September and the second term commences in February.

Applicants may enroll to study a short course in-house, or for certain modules, as a Virtual Student. Once enrolled on the course, all students will be provided with access to Al-Mahdi Institute’s virtual learning platform through which they will be able to access course outlines, lesson plans and notes.  

By enrolling on the Evening Short Courses as a Virtual Student, students will be able to gain access to certain short course modules that are pre-recorded and stored on the virtual learning platform offered by the Institute. This enables students to attend the scheduled classes virtually, from any location around the world. This facility has been specifically designed to accommodate students currently residing outside the UK, but it is also available for students within the UK who are unable to attend in Birmingham. Although the Virtual Student study route does not allow direct interaction with the classroom, students will have the advantage of being able to access and study the modules at a time that is most convenient to them.

After completing a short course module, students have the option of continuing subsequent levels of the same module (where available in the following term) or of selecting other modules.

Unfortunately, due to Hajj and Muharram falling during term time, there will be no short courses this term. Short Courses will be commencing again in 2016. More details on start dates will be released soon.