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Planning your Civil Marriage at AMI

 If you are planning your civil marriage, you each need to go to your local register office to give notice (i.e. the borough in which you reside). If you both live in Birmingham you may attend together or separately, at the Register Office in Holliday Wharf, Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1 1TJ. You both must give notice in person - no one else can do it on your behalf. Before you give notice, you should make sure that you are able to satisfy the laws concerning residency and immigration control. For more guidance about giving notice to marry please contact us

The 'authorities for marriage’ are only valid for use in the stated venue, so it is vital that you are certain of the place in which you plan to be married at the time of giving your notice. If you need to change the venue after giving your notice you will be required to give fresh notices stating the new venue. If you wish to be married at Al-Mahdi Institute, please state 'Al-Mahdi Institute - Chapel only' as the venue after ensuring this can be accommodated by phoning us in advance. You will not have to give a specific date as a notice of marriage is valid for 12 months.

What you need to do? You need to fill the Civil marriage application form here. You will not require any documents or copies thereof for submitting the application form online. There is no need to upload any document or give out any ID or passort number while filling the application. Make sure that the details you fill in the form are exactly the ones appearing on your passport or the valid ID as the information you provide will be used to issue your certificate. If you would like to have both your Civil Ceremony and Nikah together at AMI please fill out the application form here 

The ceremony will be conducted at Al-Mahdi Institute in the presence of the bride and groom and the witnesses. The Bride and bridegroom will be asked to declare that they do not know of any lawful reason why they should not be married to each other. They will be asked to repeat the following: "I DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE THAT I KNOW NOT OF ANY LAWFUL IMPEDIMENT WHY I (YOUR NAME) MAY NOT BE JOINED IN MATROMONY TO (WIFE’S/HUSBAND’S NAME)." They will thereafter be asked to repeat the following: "I CALL UPON THESE PERSONS HERE PRESENT TO WITNESS THAT I (YOUR NAME) DO TAKE (WIFE’S/HUSBAND’S NAME) TO BE MY LAWFUL WEDDED WIFE/HUSBAND. This will complete the marriage ceremony.

Rules to Be Observed for the Ceremony at Al-Mahdi Institute. The bridge, bridegroom and all guests should observe and conduct themselves in a manner befitting a place of worship. On The Day of Your Marriage at Al-Mahdi Institute please be punctual. The bride and the bridegroom should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the appointed time of marriage. It is your responsibility to provide at least two witnesses at your marriage. Before the ceremony begins, all documentation and fees will be checked to make sure that all entries are correct. 

Al-Mahdi Institute Marriage Certificates & Fees One copy of the certificate will be given free of charge; each additional copy will need to be requested after the marriage from the registry office and are charged at £15.00